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Apricale is both from the Netherlands through France and through Germany / Switzerland within driving distance. The distance from Utrecht is approx 1400 km (via Lyon). The nearest airport is Nice (50 km). At the airport there are several car rental companies.
There is a bus several times a day to Ventimiglia vv Both Ventimiglia and Bordighera have a train station from where trains leave well as in the direction towards Nice as well Genoa (160 km).
Apricale is largely car free. Parking is free and is possible along the road that runs below the village or along one of the parkings. So-called ape's drive through the village, so wish your luggage for a small fee (around € 7.50 per trip) are transported.
  Access road Apricale.
Censin carries everything with his ape. The bus to Ventimiglia.