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The village Apricale

Apricale is a picturesque medieval fortified town, built against a hillside, with narrow alleyways and houses built on and among themselves.
The village is situated in a beautiful nature with olive groves and fragrant herbs.
The municipal border is located 291 meter above sea level.
The village has around 600 inhabitants.
The post office at the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II is open by the week for a few hours.

  Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II.

Above the square is the castle where regular interesting exhibitions are held, as in 2010 including Picasso and Braque.
  Castello Della Lucertola.

The castle also houses a Galleria del Teatro. This has to do with the annual theatrical summer performances where people from near and far to come off.
  Galleria del Teatro.

The village has five restaurants, ranging from simple to chic.
In the 3 grocery stores the most basic foodstuffs are available and it’s possible to order sandwiches or bread for next morning.
  Trattoria Ciassa.